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Lonesome Tree

I can't feel anything anymore
I am nothing but wood
A puppet to be used and disposed of
At the will of this place
Even the leaves are more alive than I.

I once knew life
Held the hand of a girl
Felt her lips against mine
Felt love
Felt happy.

One day I had to prove
My love was true and pure
Into the woods I walked
Knife stashed and boots ready
Stealthily I stalked.

It felt like a few minutes to me.

The trees flew from autumn to summer
My eyes never grew heavy with sleep
I was a man on a mission
For my love and only one
The center... where grew the flower.

Seconds were destroyed...
Minutes shattered...
Hours grew and days ended...
I was no closer to my goal
I knew my fate was decided.

Everything closed in around me
Life seizing life to an end
Wrapped in dead foliage
Alive and breathing
But undoubtedly dead.

It felt like many years to me.

So here I sit...
My knife still stashed
Boots worn to nothing
Alone for eternity
A tree for all to see.

So embrace your freedom
I so wish I could return to mine
No one anymore...
But this purple mask
From that smiling man.

Voices tell me to do it
The moon overhead as sorrowful
As me... abandoned in space
Infinitely more alone than I
Abandoned first by them and then her

This feels like endless power to me.

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