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Great Fairy Song

The following Great Fairy Ocarina Tabs work with a 12-hole ocarina. The song comes from Ocarina of Time 3D.

Great Fairy Song Ocarina Tabs

oc-2.pngoc-3.pngoc-4-split.pngoc-3.png   oc-3.pngoc-4.pngoc-5.pngoc-4.png   oc-4.pngoc-5.pngoc-5-split.pngoc-5.png

oc-5.pngoc-6.pngoc-7-mf.pngoc-6.png   oc-2.pngoc-3.pngoc-4-split.pngoc-3.png   oc-2-split.pngoc-2.pngoc-3-split.pngoc-2.png

oc-0.pngoc-2-split.pngoc-2.pngoc-2-split.png   oc-2.pngoc-3.pngoc-4.pngoc-5.png

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