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A Link Between Worlds Weather Vane Locations

The A Link Between Worlds Weather Vanes are used as Save Points. Link can also use the Bell - found in the Death Mountain portion of our walkthrough - in order to travel to each of the A Link Between Worlds Weather Vane locations. There are a total of 22 Weather Vanes in the game with 9 residing in Hyrule and 13 in Lorule.

This page is being updated with information so please check back soon for the full guide. Until then - we have listed the general location of each Weather Vane.

Hyrule Weather Vanes

  1. Desert Palace
  2. Kakariko Village
  3. Sanctuary
  4. Death Mountain
  5. Your House
  6. Tower of Hera
  7. House of Gales
  8. Witch's House
  9. Eastern Palace

Lorule Weather Vanes

  1. Skull Woods
  2. Thieves' Town
  3. Misery Mire
  4. Blacksmith
  5. Swamp Palace
  6. Lorule Castle
  7. Vacant House
  8. Treacherous Tower
  9. Graveyard
  10. Death Mountain
  11. Turtle Rock
  12. Ice Ruins
  13. Dark Palace

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