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Skyward Sword Item Upgrade Guide

Our Skyward Sword Item Upgrade Guide details the recipes for each upgrade. They will be listed below and include the items and other required objectives.

Skyward Sword Item Upgrade Guide


Item Upgrade Price Treasures Result
Slingshot 50 Rupees 2 Dusk Relics
2 Amber Relics
3 Jelly Blobs
Beetle 50 Rupees 2 Ancient Flowers
2 Hornet Larvae
1 Golden Skull
Quick Beetle
Quick Beetle 50 Rupees 3 Ancient Flowers
4 Amber Relics
1 Blue Feather
1 Goddess Plume
Tough Beetle
Wooden Bow 50 Rupees 3 Tumble Weeds
3 Monster Claws
2 Eldin Ores
1 Evil Crystal
Iron Bow
Iron Bow 100 Rupees 5 Tumbleweeds
3 Lizard Tails
2 Evil Crystals
1 Goddess Plume
Sacred Bow
Bug Net 100 Rupees 3 Tumbleweeds
2 Ancient Flowers
1 Evil Crystal
Big Bug Net

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